What we eat and see in markets and our environment is oft times controlled by economics, not by beauty, not by nutritional worth, nor by cultural connections. For once, just ignore the economics and reflect on its grace.

When I photograph in the field, I feel enveloped by the order and structure of nature; I sense the transition of growth and the patterns of time. My close-up photographs, some sequenced and some stand-alone, show the changing palette of nature and the essence of each plant, as well as the impact of the economy on our lives.

We are aware of these crops, but we have never truly been in their presence: cotton, corn, cacti, bananas, coffee and mangoes. To truly know these crops is to know the history of agriculture: the displacement and enslavement of peoples, and the changing boundaries of nations. To be in the middle of a thriving crop, one can sense God, the power of the universe and the pain of being.

Just see the beauty

But reflect on the pain, the hardship of its history

Acknowledge the price of growth